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Cupric Sulfate

Molecular Formula:CuSO4·5H2O

molecular weight :249.68

Behavior: Bright blue crystal or crystalline powder,eary to dissolve in water and not dissolve in absolute ethyl alcohol.

Item Index
purity[CuSO4·5H2O]% 98.5-100.5
Iron[Fe]% 0.003
Sodium[Na] 0.02
Potassium[K]% 0.01
Nickel[Ni]% 0.005
Calcium[Ca]% 0.005
Loss on drying% 33.0-36.5
Volatile organic% Qualified

Packing: 25kg fiber drum lined with plastic bag for medical grade; 100g/bottle for reagent grade.

Uses: medical intermediates, chemical reagents.



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