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Vetiver oil is dark brown or amber in color and has a very earthy and woody aroma. The color of the oil can also be olive green depending on the source. It is used as a fixative for many oriental type perfumes and used to give a fragrance to soaps and incense sticks. It is also a popular oil used for massages in aromatherapy because of its soothing effect. Vetiver oil has many therapeutic properties and plays an essential role in Ayurveda. It has got antispasmodic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Applying vetiver oil on open wounds curbs the growth of bacteria, hence stopping the wound from becoming septic. This oil also eliminates scars and marks (especially caused due to burns) on the skin since it is cicatrisant (the property to eliminate scars). The oil also triggers the growth of new cells in the affected area.



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